Chair Salesman

There are so many sights to see everyday, it gets overwhelming and over time, you become numb. This is a shame. However, there are some that still catch my eye and I think to take a photo. The chair man is one of them. He is wonderful with his hat, his Shanghai ManKini (that is when you wear you shirt up to expose  your belly because it is hot. It is a thing here all the cool men do it) and his big cart of chairs.  Who wants to buy a chair? I bet he delivers.

Chair Salesman


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  1. Patty M. Powell
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 01:05:21

    Rebecca-I really enjoy your blog and how informative it is. I read your entry about the wok man and want so badly to purchase one as I cook a lot with a wok. I went so far as to send money to a friend of an acquaintance who was supposed to get me one and bring it to Los Angeles when she was to visit but she claimed she never received my money…. I was so bummed! Do you have any idea if he is still in business and any ideas on how I may be able to get one home to the US? Thanks Rebecca!


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