What’s for Dinner? Fat Coke and Chicken Paws

I am still not in love with the food in China. There are some things I like street dumplings and xiaolongbao, another kind of dumpling. Well I like dumplings… and not much else. It is a animal parts, mystery meal,  consistency thing for me.  Yes the dumplings are a mystery meat but I try not to think about it because they are yummy.

As time goes, I am not observant as I once was because it has become “normal” a darn shame because it is not normal (from my cultural lens), it should not be normal, somethings are down and out cray cray and should not be happening (from my cultural lens) and definitely not be missed being documented.  Here are 2 of late that made me giggle.

Chicken feet are pretty popular. I prefer the name here, chicken paws. I think we should start using crab paws and lobster paws. A little bit about chicken paws when you buy them in the store or at the train station my observation it is a popular train snack, they come with a chicken foot eating glove, like used at a deli counter for your paw as you eat them. Very very practical.

Chicken Paws

Chicken Paws

What goes well with chicken paws? Well Fat Coke of course or Diet Coke or  maybe some High Fibre soy milk. The choice is yours.

Courtesy of Taylor Hayden Photography

Courtesy of Taylor Hayden Photography

If the food and China is of any interest or you are a David Sedaris fan and haven’t read his essay on his visit to China a few years back in the guardian titled Chicken Toenails, Anyone? it is brilliant and spot on. His experience and observations get funnier to me as time goes by as they are so true. My favorite the spitting and thinking it is a coffee bar. Yup… XXOO David Sedaris.


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