Not Just Dog Poo On The Streets of Shanghai

It is customary to take your shoes off when you enter someone’s house in China or in temples. With darn good reason. It is because the streets are disgusting. The streets actually are not full of trash or leaves because street sweepers get to those daily. They have spit, urine, and poo and I am not talking just dog… on them.  Here is a photo  of what I am talking about in the center of Shanghai in the Former French Concession, near our house.  Girl had to go, doesn’t matter that there is a public restroom across the street, let her just go on the street. Happens often. It happens in the bushes, in a potted plant, trash cans, even in cups in restaurants or on the metro.  You really need to watch where you step at all times. Really good chance that is not water and not dog poo on the street.

I don’t mind if there is a bathroom emergency to go over in a corner but right on the cross walk? Really? I feel a little bad taking a photo but not bad enough to not, if you are going to air your child’s privates in this day and age on a street corner.. well.. you got no issue with it. What is wrong with the bush right behind you, give her a little privacy, come on!

That is not dog poo on the street

That is not dog poo on the street

Recently, Hong Kong residents got into it when a video went viral of a Mainland couple who let their child pee on the street in Hong Kong. The Honkeys (yup what people from Hong Kong are called) wanted none of it.  I wish I could find the article and the quote some parents said something about they are tired and parenting is hard. Now, I don’t have any kids but I do know in China most have 1 child and from my observations the parents aren’t the ones raising it. I am really confused, as I know people with multiple children from other countries and their off springs do not relieve themselves in the street. I have 3 siblings and we never went in the street.  The woods, well that does happen when you live in Western Ma but on the street, never and that was back in the wild and crazy 70s and 80s. In response to the HK incident Mainlanders were encouraged to go to Hong Kong and pee on the streets in protest. It is all crazy!




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  1. jeffito
    May 20, 2014 @ 12:22:38

    When we opened HKDL, the Honkeys (I never heard them called that…) were always worried about the people from Mainland China poop’ing and peeing places. Sure enough, opening week, a dude took a dump on the grass. When I visited Beijing, I saw that at least the parents made a circle around their child when she poop’ed on the sidewalk. Beijing=Classy!


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