When You Have A Porsche… Park It On The Sidewalk. That’s What She Said!

The perfect parking spot!

The perfect parking spot!

I wish this was because it was a Porsche and “special” but it doesn’t matter the car, day of the week, it can even be a bike, parking (and driving) on the sidewalk are all options.  Here I was talking a photo of the Dave sign for my friend named Joe. Kidding his name is Dave and I notice a car coming up. I didn’t notice it was a Porsche at first because luxury cars are the norm in Shanghai. If it is not a VW taxi, a bike, it is a luxury car.  I figured they wanted into the alley so I step aside and she smiles at me. How nice, a smile. Did she want into the alley?  Nope she just parks it (lady in yellow) and gets out of the car.  I shake my head. The other women (in black and white) starts screaming at her to park in the alley or somewhere else. This is good! Street side entertainment this afternoon. I stay for the fight and took it all in and snapped a photo. You going to park on the sidewalk b&%$* I am going to take your photo. She didn’t move her car and went about her important business.

The lack of courtesy for others and behaviors that we call rude or disgusting does try my nerves living here. Wild, Wild, West? It is the Wild, Wild, East! If I had more free time I would write a parody song about it. Many locals, in my option have no regard for others. They don’t see the line for the toilet or to check out at the store and just go right in, drive on the sidewalk where people are walking, run red lights and hit pedestrians when they have a green walking man symbol to walk (see Past post Hit By A Car) , spit, pee/poo on the streets, leave trash, pick their nose, and that is just off the top of my head in the time to write this sentence. Imagine if I took a moment and thought about it (I could write my hit song Wild, Wild, East). Not worth the time as nothing is going to change and I don’t think people who can influence changing it will. (Although my song has potential to be a hit with the China ex-pat crowd, rumored to be population of around 200,000)  As it, in my opinion, would make them lose face and change their questionable and ridiculous behavior that goes on and why would they want to do that?  It has been explained to me that it is “cultural” I guess when you have a bazillion people and historical events that messed with bunches of folks it just doesn’t matter. The “freedom” to do whatever is maybe how some  express carpe diem and also wearing all their favorite things at once.  Anyone remember Granimal clothing from Sears? They had tags with animals on them and the purpose was to have kids pick coordinated outfits. A lion shirt goes with lion pants. I think it may have been more for parents to be able to buy clothing that coordinated for kids.  Anyway, I think bringing them here could be a potential money maker. Especially when I heard that it is often men who pick the clothing for their wives.. well that explains a lot then.. men picking clothing? They NEED Granimals.

Doing all these things that are “not wrong but different” OK I think many are pretty wrong and gross as some might feel my frequent bathing is as well we will just have to agree to disagree on that.  Look out USA when I come back I will call you out for your bad manners and about your ridiculousness on many things. Stay out of my lady business! I speak the native tongue of the US. Well.. kinda I have lived in China for a while now, my English skills are declining. Sorry for the typos and poor grammar in my post. Thank heavens I am not an English teacher here.. that would be embarrassing!  Truth be told, I would probably have told the lady off it my Chinese was better.. on to a new day of fun!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristin
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 20:00:38

    Dang I love you, girl!!!!

    One day I hope to see all of those posts turned into a book! Then you can sign it for me with your Chinese name! Ha!



    • Rebecca
      Jul 06, 2014 @ 15:38:48

      I can’t do character but I can use my chop! I used it the other day for certificates. The team went nuts! I heard there are services out there that can take a blog and make it into a coffee table book. After this adventure I will have to look into it.


  2. mldejesus70
    Aug 03, 2014 @ 02:34:06

    You forgot clipping toenails in public! So far I’ve seen it on the Metro, in line at the bank and in the lobby of a nice compound’s community center while I was waiting for my son’s class to finish. The gentlemen put his gnarly foot up on the coffee table and clipped away! 🙂


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