Some Really Big Undies for China

It is not uncommon to see underwear and clothes hanging outside to dry in China.  I think laundry is the unofficial flag of China. Even when dryers are available, like in our apartment… they are not used. The preferred method of drying clothes is in the sunlight, it believed it is more healthy and kills things (like the clothes). How does that work when there is no sun? I don’t like it. It makes my clothes crunch and uncomfortable but since I don’t do laundry I have given up on that and let ayi do whatever she wants. Except for towels and sheets.. I have given a lesson on the dryer for those things.

Laundry out to dry doesn’t catch my eye any more. In Beijing this pair did. They do not look Chinese sized… they are HUGE! From the size of the undies, I don’t think the shower poof and towels are going to be big enough.


Out to Dry


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