Just to Let You Know…A Hair Dryer is Not a Butt Dryer.. BEST sign EVER

It is hard sometimes to believe the things that we experience living in China are real and that we are not just making it up.  I understand,  I don’t believe it at times as well and why I am always shaking my head, giggling, or rolling my eyes. Not to mention, I am pretty darn creative, talented, and can be a little dramatic at times but I when I tell stories of going to the gym in China I am not making it up. I have seen hairdryers used more times not on heads than on heads and here is proof. There is a reason why there is a sign…signs are just not made without reason, especially in Hong Kong.  This gem was found by my friend Patrick in a gym in a STAR hotel in Hong Kong.  I wish I went into the ladies locker room to see if it had a similar sign. I can only hope it did and now need to go back and see.



This is not a butt dryer, not a toes dyer, and certainly not a cloth drye So be considerate. use hair dryer for hair on your head only


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