Where is the Restroom? Outside, Up the Bamboo Ladder…

Looked out a window of our hotel in Hong Kong to an amazing view of buildings… it is Kowloon, things are tight there.  I was a little upset about the view until I noticed 2 urinals. It is like the time we were on a cruise ship and it pulled up along side another and our room faced the men’s room off the restaurant and it was dinner time. All we could see was the sink area and we watched and did a study of how many men washed their hands and would cheer when some did. Many did not…they got boos.

I wish I had more time to observe the urinal use but we had things to do and didn’t see anyone actually use it. I can’t imagine having to climb all those ladders to use a urinal. If I was a guy, I would probably just go on the street as so many do in China. Now, this is Hong Kong and it is a little klassier… so maybe men do not pee on the street but climb homemade bamboo ladders to pee on the outside of a building in a urinal. Made me wonder, where is the women’s? I am sure it is inside because Hong Kong is klassy and they make only men Spiderman the building. Which I am sure they like.  What man doesn’t want to be Spidy? I tried to get Todd to climb it, I would take his photo and offered to sing Spider Todd, Spider Todd as he did it.  Notice no photo…always next trip.


Outdoor Urinals


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