A Baby on the Metro #2

I have seen a lot in China… I have seen a lot of public relieving of bodily things. From nail clipping, snot rockets, spit, public urination, you name it.  I have yet seen any relieving on the metro but my friend Brad has and here is the photo. OMG. Shouldn’t that thing on his head be on his bottom? What do I know I don’t have kids.

That just happened!

That just happened!

The first question is why is he not wearing diapers? Good question! Instead of diapers babies may wear split-pants that split up the behind so they can do their thing. I am told the reason for this are: diapers are  expensive, uncomfortable for the baby, makes them hot, and are gross. Again, I don’t have kids but I can think of something that may be more gross and that is having a child pee or poop on you but what do I know about such things. What do you do when the baby goes? Most public bathrooms in China don’t have toilet paper, paper towels or even soap. EWWWW!

I have also been told because many parents in China don’t have fancy strollers, play pens, cribs, or other baby contraptions they hold their child for most of the day and can tell their child body reactions and when they need to go. When that happens, they have split pants and can hold it over the street, trash can, bush, or in this case on the metro. There is also no embarrassment about it, it is just natural, what are you going to do?  An accident I get but this can be prevented with what? Diapers. I would be embarrassed.

China has a lot of people and a lot of people mean a lot of diapers, even more soon with the 2 baby policy change. A positive, you can say it is green! If only China cared about such things… Let’s go with it though, it is green! A nuisance for anyone else but green!

Off the brave the metro, looking down as I walk and hope I don’t see anything like this today.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 06:46:37

    That was horribly disgusting. Thanks for always providing an uncensored look at life in China! Miss you.


    • Rebecca
      Sep 15, 2014 @ 07:38:02

      Hi Jess! I am sorry to say I censor.There is a lot I don’t share. These are the things that make it 🙂 I did blur out the baby’s junk cause that would not be nice even though the parents don’t seem to care to have it all out in public. They put them in pants that are open. Hope to see you soon in the USA! Hugs!


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