The Adventures of Benny The Image Consultant Part 3

I am an observer of the local Shanghai business scene. Especially the happenings of Benny the Image Consultant. If you have been following my blog and the escapades of Benny as he evolves his business you know what I am talking about. If this is your first time, let me get you up to date on Benny. In part 1 (click here to read part 1) Benny the Image Consultant is open for business. Offering Hair, Manicures, and Juice. If he was to offer gin and juice I may be tempted to stop by.

Image Consultant

In Part 2 (Click here to read part 2), I share how Benny has gotten out of the Manicure business,  took it off his sign. Probably a good move but I applaud the try of something different.  Benny my man, gin and juice I tell you. Gin and juice.

No more manicures!

No more manicures!

Weeks have gone by. Benny must has been waiting for the perfect offer to put where manicures used to go or he was waiting on the sign lettering workers, hard to say. He now offers (not gin and juice)  hair cut in style for a special price for the first 5 customers each day. Or it is that he only does 5 hair cuts a day? I find the sign a little confusing and interesting enough the new offerings are only in English. Who is he trying to market to? If I am the target demo… gin Benny gin.

Benny Sign Update


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