What I Eat Off The Street- Street Dumplings!

One of my favorite and pretty much only thing I will eat on the street happens to be dumplings. I have no idea where the meat is coming from, what it is, how old, how preserved, etc.  I try not to think about it because it will creep me out and so far after 4 years have had no troubles. Lets keep it that way.

Our of our favorite places is on Wulumuqui Road in Shanghai a few blocks from our house. The little restaurant serves dumplings in the morning, makes a certain number each day and when they are sold out they are done with dumplings and move on to lunch. You need to get there early enough to not miss them. The other morning we had to wait as they were being made so I decided to document the process and the folks waiting. They know a good thing. My favorite is the lady who drove up on her scooter and shouted an order in. Love that drive up is offered! Makes me want to get a scooter.

I like to eat mine with some vinegar and wash it down with a Coke Zero. There is something about dumplings and Coke Zero that is just delicious!

Dumpling Street Sign


Making dumplings while the other batch cooks


Checking if they are done


Man Waiting

Reading the paper and waiting for the dumplings. Love his hat!

Drive Up

Drive up service available

Todd getting dumplings!

Todd getting dumplings!


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  1. Bette Schmitt
    Dec 09, 2014 @ 11:12:45

    Having eaten dumplings in China O know what you mean So good with the vinegar and other sauces Wish we had more time with you and Todd How wad the visit with Mom And Dad? So good!! Love Bette

    Sent from Bette’s iPhone



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