Vitamin D Deficiency- The Prescription Vitamin SEA!


One of the first things I did when I moved from China back to the USA after I went to Target, Costco, and Panda Express (Chinese food is not the same in China as it is in America. 1. It doesn’t have bones, 2. it doesn’t have feet or a beak, 3. I will just stop there as I have already posted about my love of Panda Express) was to go to the Dr. Having been to the hospital (you don’t go to see a Dr in China, you go to the hospital. You have a cold you go to the hospital, need the flu shot, the hospital) at an International hospital and not by choice to a local hospital when I got hit by a car (That experience posted here) I wanted to be checked out in a healthcare environment I was familiar with back in the USA. I did have some concerns after 4.5 years in China. Why was I always tired? Was it environmental? Was it the constant city on the go, alway changing, the language, the work, dodging cars, the pushing and spitting, daily overall survival? Was something wrong with me? Was it the pollution (air, food, second hand smoke), or am I just getting old?

I was a little scared to know what may be wrong with me but early detection is key and I can’t go back 4 years ago but I can own now. Off I go! At the Dr. the first thing wrong was I had high blood pressure! Then I thought, could it be because just prior to taking my blood pressure, I was put on the scale? I understand pounds versus KG. I weigh what? Before when they told me a number in KG at the hospital it was 2 digits and make no sense but now it is 3 digits and I know what I weighed before I went to China.  OMG could all MSG and who knows what I have been eating did me in? She took it a little later and it was fine. See it was that damn scale. My suggestion is to take blood pressure first and then make you get on the scale.

I had a bunch of tests done. I am amazed that you can see test results online now and the Dr. can write you notes about them and you can write the Dr. and ask questions. Just amazing the advancements since I have been gone. I LOVE IT.

The only thing that came back was I had a vitamin D deficiency and that is what probably was causing my tired tendencies. It can also be pretty serious. YIKKES! The lack of sunshine in Shanghai I am sure is what caused this. What was the prescription, take Vitamin D supplements and to get some sun. What Dr. tells you to get out in the sunshine? MINE. YESSS! Permission to get out in the sun, with proper sunscreen of course.

My advise to those living in China, take vitamins and vitamin D. Also feel free to come visit.

See you at the beach.

Getting use out of my beach bag!

Getting use out of my beach bag!

Getting some Vitamin D & SEA but those clouds may have another idea

Getting some Vitamin D & SEA but those clouds may interrupt


A palm tree shadow at the beach

Some more photos because you can never see enough photos of the beaches of Hawaii, especially if you are in China!

Some more photos because you can never see enough photos of the beaches of Hawaii, especially if you are in China!

PS. Take vitamin D supplements if you are some where where the sun doesn’t shine regularly, like China or places in the USA where there is winter and gray days for months.


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  1. Bette
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 08:22:28

    Love love love hearing from you😃😃I think I need Vit D been a long winter but NOTHING like China. So glad you love Hawaii Everytime I read something about China I have a different picture So glad we went and saw you!!! Not sure how you did 4plus years Hope to see you this summer Love to you and Todd XXOO Bette

    Sent from Bette’s iPhone



  2. John Skibiski
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 09:31:52

    Hi…Becky…..interesting newsletter…… vitamin D was low so I am taking a supplement. Recent health article posted notice of the importance of vitamin D, and to be tested…….. best wishes, Johnny


  3. Donna Goulooze
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 21:38:59

    Been missing your blog. Glad to see it. I take Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc with Vitamin D3 daily. When you go over age 40 things start to happen in your body. Cute outfit! Enjoy the beach and living back in the US. I like Panda Express too but had not had it since moving from Phoenix to Paducah, Ky.


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