Budweiser Not Only The King of Beer-Wrapped in GOLD!

Budweiser in the US is known as the King of Beers and in China a Super Premium Imported Beer. Does anyone else giggle to think Budweiser in such a way? Budweiser in China is the #3 brand of beer.  Sorry Dad and Papa Blum, Coors Light or the Silver Bullet as it is called in China comes behind Bud. The reason could be because they are not wrapping their beer cans in gold! Look at that. Only the best beer is wrapped in gold!




Shanghai Hipster Shoes!

We walk by a small shoe store (it is the size of a walk in closet) near our apartment and say we need to go in there and buy shoes. We finally did it!  We got original style Feiyue shoes, or as I like to call them Shanghai Hipster shoes or Chinese Chuck Taylor’s.Feiyue Store

Todd likes to copy my good ideas so we have the same shoes. Now isn’t that cute? Good thing one of us is moving.


Interesting enough… these shoes made in Shanghai became popular in 1920… a few years after Converse All Stars…what a coincidence! Learn more about these shoes here Feiyue I didn’t know they are official Monk shoes and of the martial arts. Well now I am all set to take up Kara-Te.

We paid full retail 50RMB ($8 USD) a pair (even for Todd’s monster feet). The packaging is great. They come in a simple, printed paper bag with a Pinocchio like character.  Love the idea of paper bags instead of boxes! That would have been smart back in the day when we had to over textbooks. I got a new pair of shoes for school and I had to cover textbooks! Anyway, a little piece of Shanghai history for our feet.

Wear test. They are pretty comfy, actually I find them more comfy than Chucks. My beef with Chucks is they are too flat and in time make my feet hurt.  The Chinese Chucks have padding on the ball of the foot making them pretty comfy.

Packing My Glasses Collection

Happy New Year! It is the first day of 2015. I am off for the next 3 days and work on Sunday (love when the gov moves the weekends, makes silly sense but whatever my last time of it) and I don’t know what to get into. I decided to take packing seriously for the move from China. Lets see how long that lasts.. it is almost lunch time. I decided to pack up my glasses and then write a post about it. So far 2015 is starting to be a good year and glad to see I am not taking things too serious and stressing myself. So far so good!

Glasses Collection

One bonus of living in China eyeglasses. They can be like accessories and you can have a new pair each day for your mood and outfit! On average, I pay around $45 USD for a pair or less and they are usually made within an hour as I wait and drink tea with Summer and the guy who will check your prescription for you for free. I packed my glasses, here are my prescription eyeglasses I have collected over the years. I already packed up my sunnies so they didn’t make it in the photo (they have their own rack).  Many have names and inspirations. I have my retro 60s cat eye, my Zachary Quinto’s after watching American Horror Story Asylum, my Harry Potter’s, Red Harry Potter’s, hipster chunky, and my 1970s inspired after I watched American Hustle. Ah.. memories. The others I just liked.  I even bought them their own storage racks off Tao Bao (A cross between China Amazon/eBay)  so I can easily pick which ones I will wear and that is what makes them a collection, storage racks! Looking at my collection I think I need some more color… wonder if the eye glass market is open today! Here is the card of where I go in Shanghai, tell Summer I sent you, her English is good.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 10.45.45 AM




Boston Msaeachubaets

Growing up in Massachusetts and learning to spell Massachusetts as a child was tough stuff. So I get it when in China this is how it is spelled on a t-shirt. Spelling Massachusetts is hard. Don’t know what is up with the 11 stars and who knows how many stripes but they did get Boston right. 1 out of 3 pretty good!


Boston Msaeasuets

Holy Flasher Banana Batman!

I really don’t know what is up with these flasher bananas found in the grocery store with one like Batman and the other holding a knife.  I may never be able to look at bananas the same way again.

Flashing Bananas

Lady Di On Water Ad In China

At a foot massage place in Beijing this ad caught my eye and it wasn’t the Chinglish.  Is that? .. no.. it can’t be.. let me put my glasses on and get closer… It looks like the beloved Lady Diana on an ad for water! You have got to be kidding me! Only in China, ONLY in China. TIC.


I Lady Di

What’s for Lunch? How About Some Marinated Goose Webs?

Chicken feet haunt me. I find them gross and it cracks me up that you can buy them at the convenience store and train station, like Snickers and they come with a set of plastic gloves to wear as you naw at it.   I have seen this treat called chicken feet, chicken paws (see previous post Fat Coke and Chicken Paws) , and most recently while shopping a new one– goose webs. Awesome! No, I didn’t have nor did I try the spiced pig’s ear or marinated pork tripe. If anyone is interested, let me know I am happy to take you to try. The Thai seafood salad doesn’t look too bad. At least they are from the Cooked Deli versus the raw deli, can’t be too bad.

What to have, what to have!

What to have, what to have?




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