Budweiser Not Only The King of Beer-Wrapped in GOLD!

Budweiser in the US is known as the King of Beers and in China a Super Premium Imported Beer. Does anyone else giggle to think Budweiser in such a way? Budweiser in China is the #3 brand of beer.  Sorry Dad and Papa Blum, Coors Light or the Silver Bullet as it is called in China comes behind Bud. The reason could be because they are not wrapping their beer cans in gold! Look at that. Only the best beer is wrapped in gold!




Freedom Fries!

Wonder whatever happened to the Freedom fry movement?  I don’t at all, that was stupid in my opinion but they are here in China! Along will some grilled something I had to google meaning oyster mushroom. I bet they would sell more calling them grilled mushrooms. As for grilled swan shell.. no idea but could be a fancy name for duck beak or could be some kind of shelled something from the sea or river.

Freedom Fries

Remote Control Cheat Sheets

Packing for the move from China back to the US (does anyone else hear Final Countdown by Europe? Or is that just in my head?!?) I am coming across some things that made life a little easier in China and they make me smile and giggle. Like my cheat sheets made by putting all the remotes in my apartment on a copy machine and asked a colleague to translate. I do like the translation of  wind direction and wind speed (what some call fan). I really don’t know what I am going to do having electronics in English! I may need to try all the settings just because I can.

I am tossing my cheat sheets. For some freaky reason Todd doesn’t need them. He gets things to work.  A gift of being a nerd I guess with a ridiculous memory for things like remotes. A beautiful mind? No just weird but does come in handy at times. Anyone moving to China and need their remotes read, call Todd.



Another Reason To Carry Nail Clippers

Not only do you carry nail clippers to take care of your personal grooming needs when you are at your desk at work, on the metro, on a plane, walking down the street, in the airport lounge (Todd) all things I have seen. You also keep them handy to trim your food’s nails. A friend of mine who works at the CCTV building in Beijing (the one that looks like pants) took this when eating at the cafeteria. I am concerned he was eating chicken feet and will take that up with him later.  I have heard them called chicken paws and chicken claws. I thought it was a translation thing when going from Chinese to English. I am rethinking that.. they are really chicken claws, I think chicken talons is the better word choice. EEEEWWWW!

Bring your clippers!

Bring your clippers!

Holy Flasher Banana Batman!

I really don’t know what is up with these flasher bananas found in the grocery store with one like Batman and the other holding a knife.  I may never be able to look at bananas the same way again.

Flashing Bananas

What I Eat Off The Street- Street Dumplings!

One of my favorite and pretty much only thing I will eat on the street happens to be dumplings. I have no idea where the meat is coming from, what it is, how old, how preserved, etc.  I try not to think about it because it will creep me out and so far after 4 years have had no troubles. Lets keep it that way.

Our of our favorite places is on Wulumuqui Road in Shanghai a few blocks from our house. The little restaurant serves dumplings in the morning, makes a certain number each day and when they are sold out they are done with dumplings and move on to lunch. You need to get there early enough to not miss them. The other morning we had to wait as they were being made so I decided to document the process and the folks waiting. They know a good thing. My favorite is the lady who drove up on her scooter and shouted an order in. Love that drive up is offered! Makes me want to get a scooter.

I like to eat mine with some vinegar and wash it down with a Coke Zero. There is something about dumplings and Coke Zero that is just delicious!

Dumpling Street Sign


Making dumplings while the other batch cooks


Checking if they are done


Man Waiting

Reading the paper and waiting for the dumplings. Love his hat!

Drive Up

Drive up service available

Todd getting dumplings!

Todd getting dumplings!

The Adventures of Benny The Image Consultant Part 3

I am an observer of the local Shanghai business scene. Especially the happenings of Benny the Image Consultant. If you have been following my blog and the escapades of Benny as he evolves his business you know what I am talking about. If this is your first time, let me get you up to date on Benny. In part 1 (click here to read part 1) Benny the Image Consultant is open for business. Offering Hair, Manicures, and Juice. If he was to offer gin and juice I may be tempted to stop by.

Image Consultant

In Part 2 (Click here to read part 2), I share how Benny has gotten out of the Manicure business,  took it off his sign. Probably a good move but I applaud the try of something different.  Benny my man, gin and juice I tell you. Gin and juice.

No more manicures!

No more manicures!

Weeks have gone by. Benny must has been waiting for the perfect offer to put where manicures used to go or he was waiting on the sign lettering workers, hard to say. He now offers (not gin and juice)  hair cut in style for a special price for the first 5 customers each day. Or it is that he only does 5 hair cuts a day? I find the sign a little confusing and interesting enough the new offerings are only in English. Who is he trying to market to? If I am the target demo… gin Benny gin.

Benny Sign Update

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