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Having been here for a few years now (how does that happen?!?) we are often asked by Shanghai newbies about our favorite things. Where do we grocery shop and buy other important things like pearls, get clothing made, have other important things like wine & beer delivered to our house, massages restaurants, etc. Here some of our favorite things in Shanghai. Feel free to share yours as well!

Online Shopping– Groceries & Other

Fields. We buy chicken from them, it comes 5 large breasts to a pack and it is frozen. Also often deli meat for sandwiches. Free delivery with enough RMB spend.

Tesco. They have an English site! We used them once and it worked well, we ordered ice cream and no problem. You can place and order and have it delivered 3 weeks from now. That is good! That means you could also put in a standing weekly order and have it delivered.

Yihaodian (Wal-mart). Chinese website but Google Chrome will do OK  translating. We order bulk things were like soda, juice, tea and some other imported items and home goods as needed. Stuff you would go to Wal-mart for. Shipping I can’t figure out sometimes I am charged it other times I am  not but when I am charged it is not more than 14RMB.

City Shop. We rarely order from them online I feel their prices are slightly higher on the web site than in the store and the store is pricey but an option. You can also pick out what you want in the store and have it delivered home. Free delivery with enough RMB spend.

Delivery of Delicious Things We Don’t Need But Love

Strictly Cookies. The best cookies, they are amazing!

Cinnaswirl Cinnamon Buns. “A little taste of home” Not that I made cinnamon buns ever at home, I wish I could like these. We like the minis.

Spread the Bagel. Guess what they deliver?? and spreads too!

Cheers In. Beer delivery and it comes cold usually delivered within 1 hour. Important for when there is a beer emergency. Great specials and excellent selection.

Food Delivery

Element Fresh. We order at least once a week. Great salads. Consistent, quality, and free delivery. Their restaurants are lovely too. They also have a membership card that rewards you with points when you order or dine with them. I don’t like looking at my point balance as it scares me.. but you can donate to various charities with them.

Mealbay. A nice alternative food delivery service, with a different selection of restaurants then the others. We have had consistent, service with them.

Delivery Hero. A new player in Shanghai recently. They deliver our favorite Thai, Urban Thai so they made the list.

Sherpa’s. The big daddy in town, although we haven’t ordered from them lately as their service has not been good. Average deliver time is approx. 45min but Sherpa’s lately an additional +20 minutes due to “increased demand and lack of courier” It has been a while so we use some of the other services as their delivery is a reasonable amount of time.

Restaurants- Want to know about restaurants in Shanghai, check our DJ’s amazing blog Shanghai Girl Eats

In the US, you no longer make reservations, in China you need to have reservations so make sure you make one to not be disappointed.

Urban Thai– I haven’t been to many Thai places in Shanghai since we found this one there has been no need! 938 Changle Lu

Sichuan Citizen– Drinks are yummy and strong and the food good too! 30 Donghu Lu

Hai by Goga- The macaroni cheese is yummy! The slides with duck fat fries also but if not wanting sliders, just order a side of fries. No 1 Yueyang Lu on the 7th floor (yes it is inside the hotel).

Bella Napoli– Good pizza! 2 locations in Shanghai. 946 Changle Lu (near Urban Thai!) and 73 Nanhui Lu.

Yang’s Fry Dumplings– When not having street dumplings, a good all day option with many  locations around town.


Google Translate– I use often to decipher SMS received and to send a few myself.

Shanghai Taxi- When the driver is not understanding my address and I swear I am saying it right, the same as he is.. this app gets me out of trouble and makes it clear where I want to go. Pricey at $9.99 but saves lots of arguments and wrong address so makes it worth it .

Explore Shanghai Metro Map- $1.99 inTunes store. A map of the metro system in Shanghai. You can use to plan routes which has proven to be handy.


Green Massage- Located around Shanghai.


If not in China and wanting some beautiful pearls check our Mei Mei Pearls


If you like to sweat… Spinback Fitness.

Travel Agents/Tour Guides


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