Innovative Scooter Child Seat

I remember when Britney drove with her child on her lap and people lost their damn minds. At least she was in a SUV. In China, people, babies, pets or packages are not strapped in. I know about the packages my heater arrived to me as if it fell 3x off a scooter from the top of the Jin Mao building. Even in cabs there are no car seats. What you do is chain the chair to the scooter, not the child to the chair here is an example spotted on the sidewalk ready to go.

Scooter Child Seat

It does amaze me how when expecting a mother in China may be on bed rest the whole time, wears a special smock everyday to prevent radiation and such from computers, tvs, cell phones, to keep the unborn baby safe. I understand where this comes from having a one child policy for so long, it is precious cargo. What I don’t get is once birthed the child travels in a chained chair on a scooter. The baby is protected from harmful rays from TVs and computers yet you drive around with your once precious in a lawn chair where there are no traffic rules, just guidelines. Doesn’t make sense to me but what do I know I don’t have kids.


Walking In The Cross Walk..

No, I didn’t get hit while walking on a green man walk signal while in the cross walk this time (which has happened to me my first year in China see post Hit By A Car).

There are still a few things that just make me crazy and I will not accept as part of the culture as they are that ridiculous to me and make no damn sense. Today’s feature is driving. Every day our lives are at risk as a pedestrian. The driving rules here are there are not real rules and nothing is off-limits to drive on, through, over, etc. This includes sidewalks and it drives me batty and makes me want to scream and kick cars. You hear about a car kicker in China you know it has pushed me to that point and I am teetering currently.  Lets now add driving along cross walks to the list as I recently experienced it as I was walking to work, a car coming at me in the cross walk (it is not a normal car either, it has a fancy license plate…). Just when I think I have seen all the crazy driving tricks there are in China. The street doesn’t even go that way, he continues straight he is going to run into me and a building. Good grief!

Also take note of the countdown clock as to when the light will change green. That is only encouraging poor driving behaviors as it gets closer to 0 the drivers can have one foot on the gas and one on the brake and soon as it hit 0 and green, watch out as it is the starting line at Daytona Speedway.

Is that a car driving along a crosswalk?

Is that a car driving along a crosswalk?