I Wanna.. I Wanna… I Wanna.. Take the Elevator

I wanna take the elevator! I am sure a Spice Girl fan made this sign. I appreciate it and I am sure the metro attendants did too when I sang for them.  I wanna.. I wanna.. I wanna..

Wanna Sign


The Adventures of Benny The Image Consultant Part 3

I am an observer of the local Shanghai business scene. Especially the happenings of Benny the Image Consultant. If you have been following my blog and the escapades of Benny as he evolves his business you know what I am talking about. If this is your first time, let me get you up to date on Benny. In part 1 (click here to read part 1) Benny the Image Consultant is open for business. Offering Hair, Manicures, and Juice. If he was to offer gin and juice I may be tempted to stop by.

Image Consultant

In Part 2 (Click here to read part 2), I share how Benny has gotten out of the Manicure business,  took it off his sign. Probably a good move but I applaud the try of something different.  Benny my man, gin and juice I tell you. Gin and juice.

No more manicures!

No more manicures!

Weeks have gone by. Benny must has been waiting for the perfect offer to put where manicures used to go or he was waiting on the sign lettering workers, hard to say. He now offers (not gin and juice)  hair cut in style for a special price for the first 5 customers each day. Or it is that he only does 5 hair cuts a day? I find the sign a little confusing and interesting enough the new offerings are only in English. Who is he trying to market to? If I am the target demo… gin Benny gin.

Benny Sign Update

Hair Salon Offering Hot Catch What? I Think Highlights.

A new salon opened and we noticed the sign has been translated into English. Which is appreciated. With Chinese characters you can’t really direct translate, it doesn’t work but does bring joy when it is done! See the example below. Discretion lightness very hot catch. I think that is low lights or a subtle highlight, not too dramatic if I had to guess.  Moonlight double lubricious very hot catch. I think that means a combination of both highlights and low lights and some drama.  That is my interpretation. Any others come to mind?


Hot Catch

Huh? Chinglish On Our Building Door



I love Chinglish. It makes me happy, laugh, smile and is so surprising that it is still around with all the native or native like English speaking foreigners in town. They can’t hire someone to proofread? I know there are a lot of tai tais (wife who doesn’t work because 1. too rich and why work? 2. wife of an expat who has a job who is a trailing spouse ) and guy tais (husbands who wife is an expat and is the trailing spouse) looking for work.  Then again, who am I to say anything, my grammar and typos are bad. Chinglish often comes from a direct translation (see why I quit Mandarin lessons? It is too hard to my brain makes no sense and you need to say something like this in Chinese for someone to understand) and the result, a hot mess. Speaking of a mess… this beauty was on our apartment building door. Now, I give them props for realized that some foreigners are living here and made an effort to communicate. However, what does this even mean?!? I hope it is not intended for us because I have no idea what they are saying.  Wonder if I should put a similar sign regarding spitting? I think to not spit would be an effort of civility and act of civilized people. Maybe this sign is about spitting on the flowers aka the water?


Times are Tough- Even Machines Out of Work

Noticed this sign in the Shanghai airport. Times are tough for even coffee machines!

Out of Work