Shanghai Hipster Shoes!

We walk by a small shoe store (it is the size of a walk in closet) near our apartment and say we need to go in there and buy shoes. We finally did it!  We got original style Feiyue shoes, or as I like to call them Shanghai Hipster shoes or Chinese Chuck Taylor’s.Feiyue Store

Todd likes to copy my good ideas so we have the same shoes. Now isn’t that cute? Good thing one of us is moving.


Interesting enough… these shoes made in Shanghai became popular in 1920… a few years after Converse All Stars…what a coincidence! Learn more about these shoes here Feiyue I didn’t know they are official Monk shoes and of the martial arts. Well now I am all set to take up Kara-Te.

We paid full retail 50RMB ($8 USD) a pair (even for Todd’s monster feet). The packaging is great. They come in a simple, printed paper bag with a Pinocchio like character.  Love the idea of paper bags instead of boxes! That would have been smart back in the day when we had to over textbooks. I got a new pair of shoes for school and I had to cover textbooks! Anyway, a little piece of Shanghai history for our feet.

Wear test. They are pretty comfy, actually I find them more comfy than Chucks. My beef with Chucks is they are too flat and in time make my feet hurt.  The Chinese Chucks have padding on the ball of the foot making them pretty comfy.