Remote Control Cheat Sheets

Packing for the move from China back to the US (does anyone else hear Final Countdown by Europe? Or is that just in my head?!?) I am coming across some things that made life a little easier in China and they make me smile and giggle. Like my cheat sheets made by putting all the remotes in my apartment on a copy machine and asked a colleague to translate. I do like the translation of  wind direction and wind speed (what some call fan). I really don’t know what I am going to do having electronics in English! I may need to try all the settings just because I can.

I am tossing my cheat sheets. For some freaky reason Todd doesn’t need them. He gets things to work.  A gift of being a nerd I guess with a ridiculous memory for things like remotes. A beautiful mind? No just weird but does come in handy at times. Anyone moving to China and need their remotes read, call Todd.




Leaving China

I am leaving China after 4 years and some months and returning to the USA in under a month to the closest US State to China, Hawaii.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 9.19.15 AM

I really don’t believe it and should probably start doing things to prepare for the move. I would like to say it is because of the holidays I am overwhelmed and too busy with that but that would be a lie. We are not traveling and here is the extent of Christmas decorating in our apartment. A Charlie Brown tree with Snoopy ornaments which are probably older than I am made out of creamers by my amazing mother in law, Estalene. I just love these and my first Xmas in China she sent them to me. They make me so happy, love!

Xmas Tree

So what am I doing? Maybe thinking about it, just reflecting on my past 4 years in China, what I am going to miss, maybe I am singing some Europe Final Countdown and dreaming of if the flight attendants to let me sing Neil Diamond’s America on the announcement system, dreaming of Target and Costco (Oahu has a Costco!), how the Internet is going to work, how I can stream TV and movies and use Pandora,  having to get a car, and how do I get money out of China?!?

Sounds like a lot, it is but the real reason for my procrastination is no matter when I do what needs to be done,  like try to cancel my cell phone service and attempt to get my deposit back, it is going to be a hassle. Do it now or wait. The headache is the same so why not enjoy my last few weeks and deal with the headaches when I must (or leave it to Todd).

I haven’t been completely useless, I did start another blog for friends, family, and my 6 followers of this blog (small but mighty!). If interested in following my readjustment back to the US and living in Hawaii come follow the adventures.  Howz It HI